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At TDOTMONEY we provide education on blockchain, cryptocurrency investing, mining solutions, Forex trading, real time currency rates, and currency exchange services All For Free.

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Cryptocurrency Investment Experts 

Investing in Bitcoin cryptocurrency can be very profitable. Bitcoin uses a decentralized system, which means all the data is secure in a wallet. Cryptocurrency can be used across different countries for transactions paying low fees. Cryptocurrency is thought to change the financial and banking industry.

Forex Trading Solutions

Forex trading is a great way to exchange currency, even cryptocurrency. Thought it is not that new, you might to watch some training videos to get a good return on your investment.

Mining Solutions

Bitcoin mining is solving complex computational math problems, for which only highly powered computers can be used. These problems cannot be solved by hand.
Basically it’s solving a computational puzzle to create a new bitcoin. As technology develops so as Bitcoin mining, very high tech equipment is used to speed up mining.
A new Bitcoin is produced when computers solve the complex math problem on the bitcoin network, Bitcoin miners help to make the transaction safe and secure, also know as blockchain.
Part of bitcoin miners is to make sure that the transactions are accurate. Ensuring the that Bitcoin is not a duplicate is part of the Bitcoin miners responsibility

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