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what is forex trading ?

Forex trading is trading currencies in a decentralized system ir over the counter market. The exchange rates are determined because of this, where all buying, selling, trading takes place.


What is blockchain ?

A blockchain works by collecting data, putting them together in groups, known as blocks, that hold this data. These blocks have a limited storage capacity. Once a block is full, it will move onto the next block attaching itself to the previous one. This is known as “blockchain”.


How to trade bitcoin ?

Trading Bitcoin can be done in many ways. There is forex trading and various other trading platforms you can find online,  here is one that you can use called Localbitcoins.


how to mine bitcoin ?

Bitcoin mining uses specific mining hardware known as ASICS, short for application-specific integrated circuits. These can be affordable to expensive. Also, keep in mine that it requires an enormous amount of electricity. For more information click here.


What is holochain ?

Holohchain uses hash chains which existed before blockchain function, as more data as added it builds a digital fingerprint.
Hashchains appear independently. Each hashchain doesn’t
need to interact each other to confirm the data.


what is cryptcurrency?

Cryptocurrency can be used across different countries for transactions paying low fees. Cryptocurrency is thought to change the financial and banking industry. There are may types of cryptocurrency.

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What We Can Do For You

We provide real-time cryptocurrency rates, cryptocurrency exchange, and also automatic rate alert changes.

Business Growth

Cryptocurrency gain there value by community involvement. Private blockchain
companies on the market are where digital coins are more successfull.

Crypto Consulting

Crypto consulting services can help you learn and invest your money to get a ROI.

Online Workshops

Online workshops can be very helpful for forex trading and cyptocurrency exchanges.

Mining SErvices

More Bitcoin miners is on the rise. They use sophisticated ASICS machine to perform this task.

Why Cryptocurrencies?

Investing in cryptocurrency is not a new trend. There is a great opportunity to get return on investment. Whether you use Forex trading, buy and sell Bitcoins, or invest for long term.

Fast and Global

Cryptocurrency is accepted worldwide. It takes two confirmations before it’s available in your Wallet. This can take anywhere from 60 seconds to a day or two depending on the Bitcoin network.



Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. The person receiving the funds can refund the Bitcoin. It is also a form of protection against double sending. The transaction in the blockchain needs to be confirmed.


Cryptocurrency is secured as it uses complex computerized math solution and stores the data in blockchain. You can store your Bitcoins on an external equipment for your wallet or store Bitcoin on the cloud.

Guaranteed Security

You get guaranteed security from cryptocurrency. When firms and services fail the guarantee for cryptocurrency remains safe allowing customers to recover there money.

Crypto Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallets comes in two forms:

1. On the cloud

2. On an External equipment disconnected from the internet.

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